Collecting Logs for Troubleshooting

In the course of troubleshooting issues, I may ask you to provide me with logs so that I can properly diagnose your issue when the root cause isn't obvious.


Internal Emulator Logging

In the Advanced settings, you can enable "Log to File" which will create a flycast.log file in the same location as flycast.exe while you run the emulator. For Fightcade users, this would be Fightcade\emulator\flycast\flycast.log
After you have enabled Log to File, replicate the issue you want me to diagnose, then send a copy of flycast.log to the Discord support channel.
Settings > Advanced > Log to File


If Flycast Dojo's own logs do not reveal anything, we may resort to using a program called DebugView to show a log of events from all currently running programs to investigate what is going on. This may be useful when troubleshooting interactions between different programs launching Flycast Dojo, like Fightcade.
Just download DebugView, unzip it, and run dbgview64.exe. This will open a blank window. From here, you should replicate the issue to be diagnosed once more. Once you have performed actions on Flycast, you should see the DebugView window populate with events.
Once you have completed this, click on the "Save" icon to save the log to a file. From here, you can send the log file to me in the relevant Discord support channel.
An example DebugView log window after launching Flycast Dojo via Fightcade