Command Line Options

You may also call Flycast from the command line. All command line flags correspond with the options found in emu.cfg. Here are some example calls:


  • Server (Without Match Codes)

flycast.exe -config network:GGPO=yes -config dojo:EnableMatchCode=no -config network:ActAsServer=yes -config network:server= -config network:GGPOPort=6000 -config network:GGPORemotePort=6001 -config dojo:PlayerName=Player1 ControllerTest-DJ.cdi

  • Client (Without Match Codes)

/flycast.exe -config network:GGPO=yes -config dojo:EnableMatchCode=no -config network:ActAsServer=no -config network:server= -config network:GGPOPort=6001 -config network:GGPORemotePort=6000 -config dojo:PlayerName=Player2 ControllerTest-DJ.cdi


  • TCP Match Transmission (Spectating)

append to server arguments

-config dojo:Transmitting=yes -config dojo:SpectatorIP=<IP> -config dojo:SpectatorPort=7000

  • TCP Match Receiving

-config dojo:Receiving=yes -config dojo:SpectatorPort=7000 -config:DojoActAsServer=yes

Test Game Screen

-config dojo:TestGame=yes

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