Training Mode

With the new Training Mode, you can enable game cheats while playing offline using RetroArch's .cht file format to adjust game parameters, quickly load states, save states, record, and play back user inputs for practice on any supported Dreamcast, NAOMI, or Atomiswave game. You can enter Training mode by selecting the TRAIN option in the drop-down menu on the top left of the Flycast main menu.

To specify which player is being controlled and recorded, just press the F7 key or press the Menu button (TAB by default) and click on "Watching Player". Player 1 corresponds with Port A, while Player 2 corresponds with Port B. To set playback loop settings, hit the Menu button and click on "Playback Loop Off" (or "On").

To record inputs, hit F1, and hit it again to stop recording. To play back the input, press F4. If the Playback Loop is enabled, the input will be repeated until the Play button is hit again. If it is disabled, playback will be invoked on demand. You also have two more slots to record on F2 and F3, with playback on F5, and F6. To play a random input slot from the ones you have recorded, just hit the F10 button.

To save your current game state, hit, F8 and to quickly load it again, hit F9.

All of the Training Mode controls can be assigned to any keyboard key or gamepad input in the Controls settings.


  • F1-F3 Record Slots

  • F4-F6 Play Slots

  • F7 One-Button Player Change

  • F8 Quick Save

  • F9 Quick Load

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