To see a listing of your recorded replay sessions to play back, click on the "Replays" button on the Flycast main screen.

To record your netplay sessions, just check the box that says "Record All Sessions". This will create a new replay file for each netplay session you run and will be saved in the replays/ subdirectory.

To play the replay file, just click on the corresponding entry, and the replay data will played back in its corresponding game.

Public Replay Servers & Transmitting Game Sessions

If you wish to share your game sessions, there is an option to transmit to any replay server or to any listening spectator with the RECEIVE option set.

There is currently an experimental public replay server available at The server accepts transmissions at port 7000, with an interface to search and download replays at

Transmitting to Replay Server

Replay Server Search Interface

Once some code cleanup and quality checks are done, the replay server will be made available in its own repository for anyone to be able to host themselves.

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